Map of startups that already offer solutions in the field of decarbonization

We strive to create and support an ecosystem of startups and innovative solutions in the field of decarbonization in Ukraine
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Eco City

Startup nameEcoCityCountryUkraineIdea descriptionThanks to its own operating system EnvironmentOS, the station is compatible with 33 different sensors for 19 pollutants [...]


Startup nameCarbominerCountryUkraineIdea descriptionThe technology allows to extract carbon dioxide from the atmospheric air, which is then planned to be resold [...]


Startup name EffaCountryUkraineIdea descriptionEffa produces disposable environmentally friendly products for daily use. The first product was a toothbrush made of [...]


Startup nameSolarGapsCountryUkraineIdea descriptionUkrainian startup SolarGaps develops and sells smart blinds with solar panels, they work on energy that they have [...]


Startup nameBeworm CountryGermanyIdea descriptionBeworm is a Munich-based startup that aims to increase plastic recycling using living organisms. Beworm is researching [...]


Startup nameElonroad CountrySwedenIdea descriptionElonroad is a Swedish startup developing on-road charging rails that can be used by electric vehicles. Vehicles [...]

Elivere Solar

Startup nameElivere SolarCountrySpainIdea descriptionSpanish startup Elivere Solar develops EaaS solutions for domestic and industrial purposes. The startup's solutions range from [...]

TECO 2030

Startup nameTECO 2030CountryNorwayIdea descriptionTECO 2030 is a Norwegian startup that offers environmentally friendly marine technologies to combat greenhouse gas emissions. [...]


Startup nameGraphenglassCountrySpainIdea descriptionGraphenglass Spanish startup The company's research focuses on the development of graphene to meet the modern requirements of [...]

Effective Building

Startup nameEffective Building CountryIsraelIdea descriptionIsraeli startup Effective Building The aim of the project is to simplify and optimize the choice [...]


Startup namePhycobloomCountryGreat BritainIdea descriptionBritish startup Phycobloom Using the cutting edge advances in synthetic biology, Phycobloom algae will continuously release oils [...]

Energy Vault

Startup nameEnergy Vault CountrySwitzerlandIdea descriptionSwiss startup Energy Vault Energy Vault develops sustainable energy storage solutions that are changing the way [...]

Ailesh Power

Startup nameAilesh PowerCountryIndonesiaIdea descriptionIndonesian startup Ailesh Power EFB pellets made from empty fruit bunch are an alternative solution for any [...]

WJ Gabriel Smart Buoy

Startup nameWJ Gabriel Smart BuoyCountryIsraelIdea descriptionIsraeli Startup WJ Gabriel Smart Buoy The startup's solution works in oceans, seas and lakes [...]


Startup nameBambooderCountryNetherlandsIdea descriptionThe company has developed a patented technology to extract «long» bamboo fibers and produce endless bamboo filament for [...]


Startup nameSoujiCountrySpainIdea descriptionSpanish startup Souji This is the first formula based on mineral and vegetable compounds that, when mixed and [...]


Startup nameNeustarkCountrySwitzerlandIdea descriptionSwiss startup Neustark The technology uses the principles of natural mineralization, accelerating them to capture carbon more efficiently [...]

Solar Foods

Startup nameSolar FoodsCountryFinlandIdea descriptionSolar Foods is a Finnish startup that produces protein from air and electricity. Solar Foods uses electricity [...]

Deep Branch

Startup nameDeep BranchCountryGreat BritainIdea descriptionDeep Branch is a British company which converts carbon dioxide into protein for animal feeding. The [...]


Startup nameEinrideCountrySwedenIdea descriptionSwedish freight transportation startup Einride The Einride Freight Mobility platform enables shippers and carriers to offer faster, greener [...]


Startup nameZemCountryNetherlandsIdea descriptionStudents from the Netherlands have developed a Zem electric car that absorbs carbon dioxide Modular lighting and electronics [...]


Startup nameRe-ClimateCountryUkraineIdea descriptionRe-Climate is the first private oxygen manufactory. The goal is to restore the natural ecosystems by planting trees [...]

Impact Bioenergy

Startup name Impact Bioenergy CountryCanadaIdea descriptionCanadian company Impact Bioenergy Portable bioenergy systems that convert from 1000 to 35,500 pounds of [...]

Ecovative Design LLC

Startup nameEcovative Design LLCCountryUSAIdea descriptionUS company Ecovative Design LLC Ecovative has learned to make produce structures and materials of the [...]


Startup nameNorthvolt CountrySwedenIdea descriptionSwedish company Northvolt Northvolt's model for handling end-of-life batteries and cycling processes is based on state-of-the-art technology [...]


Startup nameAlgenesisCountryUSAIdea descriptionTech company Algenesis Using oil and other raw materials from algae cultivation at the molecular level, UCSD laboratories [...]

Beyond Meat

Startup nameBeyond MeatCountryUSAIdea descriptionBeyond Meat is the world's largest producer of plant-based meat substitutes. The production of a Beyond Burger [...]


Startup nameFuelWellCountryUkraineIdea descriptionUkrainian startup FuelWell The device works on the principle of preventing the production of toxic substances. The test [...]

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