Map of technologies, within the framework of the European Green Deal

We strive to create and support an ecosystem of startups and innovative solutions in the field of decarbonization in Ukraine
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Renewable natural gas

TechnologyRenewable natural gasCountryGermanyApplication in detailsRenewable compressed natural gas (CNG) is made from animal waste, agricultural crops and crop residues, and [...]


TechnologyWASTX OilCountryGermanyApplication in detailsIn the WASTX Oil reactor, waste containing oil evaporates in milliseconds. The contaminants contained in the oil [...]


TechnologyClimateOSCountrySwedenApplication in detailsThe technology will help cities develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with their commitments under [...]


TechnologyCO₂-to-proteinCountryGreat Britain and NetherlandsApplication in detailsThe UK's first scalable route to sustainable protein production that captures carbon dioxide from bioenergy [...]

Pink hydrogen

TechnologyPink hydrogenCountrySwedenApplication in detailsElectricity producers use pink hydrogen to power the electrolysis process, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. It [...]

Green electrometallurgy

TechnologyGreen electrometallurgyCountryUkraineApplication in detailsThe process of smelting steel using electricity. In 2012, the open-hearth shops for metal smelting were closed [...]


TechnologyHYBRITCountrySwedenApplication in detailsHYBRIT is a technology which enables the production of cast iron and steel using hydrogen. HYBRIT technology involves [...]

DefibraTech 1.0

TechnologyDefibraTech 1.0CountryPolandApplication in detailsDefibraTech 1.0 is a technology which enables the use of agricultural biomass for the production of dry-molded [...]

Newton eTrailer Trailer Dynamics

TechnologyNewton eTrailer Trailer DynamicsCountryGermanyApplication in detailsNewton eTrailer Trailer Dynamics offers a complete solution concept for trucks transporting goods over long [...]


TechnologyMagwayCountryGreat Britain Application in detailsMagway is a zero-emission underground delivery system. Fully electric vehicle uses a linear motor and control [...]

Biofabrik Green Refinery

TechnologyBiofabrik Green RefineryCountryChech RepublicApplication in detailsAmino acids from pasture grass. The biorefinery extracts plant amino acids from an underestimated renewable [...]

CO2 Green

TechnologyCO2 GreenApplication in detailsCO2 Green is an innovative eco-mobility platform designed for all types of businesses. The platform collects information [...]

Clean Future

TechnologyClean FutureCountryGreat BritainApplication in detailsDetergents based on surfactants from recycled carbon. To create the detergents, LanzaTech will capture the waste [...]

Direct air capture and storage (DAC) technology

TechnologyDirect air capture and storage (DAC) technologyCountryIcelandApplication in detailsDirect air capture and storage (DAC) technology The facility consists of eight [...]


TechnologyThermolysisCountryGreat BritainApplication in detailsThermolysis is the process of decomposition of chemical compounds under the influence of temperature without the use [...]

Gravitational energy storage (GES)

TechnologyGravitational energy storage (GES)CountrySwitzerlandApplication in detailsGravitational energy storage (GES) Energy Vault's Gravity Energy Solutions (GES) are based on the well-understood [...]

Construction of housing with a 3D printer

TechnologyConstruction of housing with a 3D printerCountryItalyApplication in detailsConstruction of housing with a 3D printer using raw soil. The Italian [...]

Biocomposite materials

TechnologyBiocomposite materialsCountryNetherlandsApplication in detailsBiocomposite materials the essence of which is that under the influence of pressure and temperature, crushed plant [...]


TechnologyeHighwayCountryGermanyApplication in detailseHighway - electrification of road freight transport. The power supply system is based on proven technology from the [...]


TechnologyPyrolysisCountryUkraineApplication in detailsPyrolysis is a thermal treatment of waste without access to oxygen, in which it decomposes into elementary substances [...]

Vertical gardening

TechnologyVertical gardeningCountryUkraineApplication in detailsVertical gardening is the process of greening of facades of buildings and park facilities with plants. The [...]

Concentrated solar power (CSP)

TechnologyConcentrated solar power (CSP)CountryUAEApplication in detailsConcentrated solar power (CSP). The molten salt receiver (MSR) is the center and most important [...]


TechnologySeawindCountryNetherlandsApplication in detailsSeawind technology is a two-bladed wind turbine with an oscillating hinge. Seawind has developed patented twin-bladed floating wind [...]

IoT and Smart Home System

TechnologyIoT and Smart Home SystemApplication in detailsIoT and Smart Home System. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be a catalyst [...]

Metal organic frameworks (MOF)

TechnologyMetal organic frameworks (MOF)CountrySwitzerlandApplication in detailsMetal organic frameworks (MOF) Metal-organic frameworks are compounds of metal ions and organic molecules that [...]

EV High Power Charging

TechnologyEV High Power ChargingCountryGermanyApplication in detailsEV High Power Charging Volkswagen's innovative 150 kW Flexpole chargers, each with two charging points, [...]

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