Vertical gardening


Vertical gardening



Application in details

Vertical gardening is the process of greening of facades of buildings and park facilities with plants.

The green wall is a vertical structure covered with vegetation. Actually, a living cladding system. Rather than featuring climbing plants rooted in the ground as in traditional green facades, it provides a vertical surface for growth in the form of modular panels, tray systems or freestanding walls. The greenery is planted in a growing medium such as compacted soil, fibre mats or other substrates and has an integrated irrigation system.


Representatives of the design world argue that green walls are still a good opportunity for greening cities. While they certainly cannot replace the benefits of greening at ground level, it is also true that land is smaller and similar approaches will be needed in denser urban centres.

Current application sites/areas

Residential complex Panska Vertical in Stryi (Ukraine)