Construction of housing with a 3D printer


Construction of housing with a 3D printer



Application in details

Construction of housing with a 3D printer using raw soil.

The Italian 3D printing company WASP in collaboration with the design studio Mario Cucinella Architects has launched a new project for the construction of innovative 3D printed housing.

The project materials provide for the creation of a round model of a 100% recyclable ecological residential building. TECLA (which takes its name from «Technology and Clay») was built using the Crane WASP - the latest WASP 3D printer for the construction sector - and is a real challenge for 3D printing as it maximizes material productivity. It is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most stimulating for the future green economy: raw soil.


Upon completion of the TECLA project, WASP and Mario Cucinella Architects intend to build a «smart» settlement of 3D printed houses.

Current application sites/areas

TECLA is a prototype of an eco-house made of clay printed on a 3D printer (Italy)