DefibraTech 1.0


DefibraTech 1.0



Application in details

DefibraTech 1.0 is a technology which enables the use of agricultural biomass for the production of dry-molded boards.

The use of lignocellulosic fibers from annual plant crops with the addition of recycled cellulose fibers increases the cohesive ability of cellulose, which positively affects the physical and mechanical properties of the resulting boards.

Low-temperature hydrothermal treatment of lignocellulosic and cellulosic fibers is a much less energy-consuming process than defibering of wood or mineral raw materials, which is manifested in lower energy consumption in the production process and, as a result, cheaper production.


Low density boards can be used as an insulating material, as external thermal insulation of premises, protecting, among other things, from changes caused by weather conditions. Special properties of the product allow protecting buildings from excessive heating in summer and excessive cooling in winter.

In addition, the building material of the board is characterized by a high ability to suppress noise, which significantly reduces the penetration of high sounds from external sources.

Current application sites/areas

The plant is located in the industrial park in Wielki Lęcko (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland)