Application in details

eHighway - electrification of road freight transport.

The power supply system is based on proven technology from the world of railway electrification. The two-pole contact network ensures a reliable power supply to the eHighway truck. The contact system leads to a flat contact wire, which ensures stable current transmission even at high speeds. The power supply of overhead contact lines is provided by substations.

The active pantograph transmits the energy from the overhead contact lines to the electric motor of the eHighway truck. The pantograph can be easily connected and disconnected from the overhead wire at speeds from 0 to 90 km/h. On electrified routes, the electric motors of the eHighway trucks are powered by the contact network and the active pantograph. On other sections of the road, the eHighway truck has a hybrid drive.


The introduction of dynamic charging infrastructure on major highways creates a backbone solution for energy-efficient, low-cost, zero-emission freight transport that complements other trends in powertrain, fuel and transport technology (e.g. automated or high-capacity vehicles). The eHighway system is applicable for a variety of use cases.

Current application sites/areas

The dynamic charging infrastructure is built on the federal public motorway A5 between Weiterstadt and Langen/Merfelden (Germany)