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Students from the Netherlands have developed a Zem electric car that absorbs carbon dioxide

Modular lighting and electronics in the electric car can be reused. The model has nine 2.3 kWh modular batteries, a 22 kW motor and a differential (a mechanism for transmitting and distributing torque) from Audi. The prototype has a regenerative braking system - it allows charging the battery.

A device for direct air capture and filtration is installed behind the radiator grille. This device allows the prototype to capture CO2. For every 20 thousand kilometers in motion, it removes up to two kilograms of carbon dioxide from the air.

For interior decoration, the developers chose recycled plastic and leather produced from pineapple. The supporting body is created using additive technologies (layer-by-layer build-up and synthesis of an object using computer 3D printing). Car windows are made from polycarbonate.


  • Prototype of a car capable of capturing CO2


A team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology has built a prototype of an electric car that eliminates carbon dioxide from the air while driving in order to capture more CO2 than will be emitted over the entire life cycle of the car. A car with zero emissions.