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Great Britain

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British startup Phycobloom

Using the cutting edge advances in synthetic biology, Phycobloom algae will continuously release oils into the environment. This makes it easier to harvest the oil without damaging the algae itself. Genetic engineering allows these algae to produce much more oil in less time and at much lower cost than existing options, because algae can produce oil from air, water and sunlight.

Over time, Phycobloom algae will be able to absorb large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. This will close the loop between greenhouse gas emissions and fuel production. The oil produced from algae will be cheap enough to replace fossil fuels.


  • Bioenergy


The startup uses synthetic biology to produce bio-oil from algae. The startup's genetically engineered algae release this oil into the environment. Since the same batch of algae is reused, it makes the process fast and inexpensive.