Ecovative Design LLC

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Ecovative Design LLC



Idea description

US company Ecovative Design LLC

Ecovative has learned to make produce structures and materials of the highest quality. Through the process of cytokinesis, mushrooms infinitely divide into complex networks that fill all available space with tightly interwoven fibers. The walls of the mycelium cells are reinforced with chitin, the same strong material that insect shells are made of, which provides high tensile strength.

Combining their strong cell walls with their woven structure and their self-preserving nature, allows to create the supermaterial of the future.


  • Secondary recycling bioengineering


Ecovative is a pioneer in the art and science of growing complete structures with mycelium. By recycling agricultural by-products, the company creates replacements for plastics, leather, meat and other non-eco frindly industrial and livestock products.